uganda floods

15 People die in Uganda’s heavy rainfall.

At least, fifteen people have been confirmed dead in western Uganda after their homes were submerged in a landslide triggered by torrential rainfall. According to Irene Nakasiita, Red Cross Spokeswoman in Uganda, most of those killed in the unfortunate event were women and children.

How did it happen?

Kasese district, where the disaster occurred is prone to landslides, especially during the rainy season, because it sits in the foothills of Rwenzori mountains that straddle the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After a prolonged drought, heavy rains have fallen on much of Uganda since late July, causing death and flooding, and the destruction of crops, homes, and infrastructure.

Was there any survivor?

Although emergency workers are still shoveling through the mud in search of more survivors, Nakasiita revealed that at least six people have been rescued and transferred to a nearby hospital.

Is flooding new to Uganda?

No! In October 2018, a landslide rolled down the slope of Mount Elgon through the Nanyinza village in the same region, killing at least 41 people. Just less than two months ago, flooding caused by heavy rains killed at least 24 people in Mbale district in Eastern Uganda.

Uganda’s weather agency had earlier warned in the year that the country would be hit by unusually strong and destructive rains from August to December, advising people living in mountainous areas to be vigilant or evacuate to safer areas.

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