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Climate Change Reparations 

Stakeholders from around the world have gathered in the Egyptian seaside resort of Sharm el-Sheikh for COP27-UN Climate Summit Africa, for talks on Climate Change control, and the early signs are good

Amidst numerous competing issues, including the Russia-Ukraine war, high inflation, food shortages, and an energy crisis, climate change, and its impact continue to draw attention among world leaders. In an early sign of a potentially positive outcome of the talks, after two days of preliminary talks, negotiators have reached an agreement over the question of vulnerable nations receiving payments for the loss and damage suffered from climate change. 

What agreement did they reach? 

The negotiators reached an agreement to formally discuss the subject of reparations to poor nations impacted by climate change. “The fact that it has been adopted as an agenda item demonstrates progress and parties taking a mature and constructive attitude towards this,” said the U.N.’s top climate official, Simon Stiell, who added that “This is a difficult subject area. It’s been floating for thirty-plus years. So that the fact that it is there as a substantive agenda item, I believe it bodes well.” 

The subject of reparations to poor nations has had a significant stalling effect on climate change talks for years, with rich nations like the United States pushing back against the idea. About 110 world leaders are expected to attend the talks, according to the organizers. 

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