Elephants kill farmers in Mozambique

Residents of the Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique have had to deal with insurgency and its effects for years now, but were shocked after at least five lives were lost, not to violence, but to an attack by elephants. 

The deaths were reported in the Macomia region of northern Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique, in an unexpected attack on farmers. Some of the farmers, who survived the attack, were reported to have fled when the elephants invaded the farms, only to return later and find their relatives’ crumpled bodies – including two children and a lady. 

What triggered the elephants? 

Speaking on the incident, Police spokesman Mário Adolfo posited that the attack was the latest result of a situation of conflict between humans and wildlife, adding that the victims were not in a protected area. It was the first of such attacks in years in the Macomia region, which is not far from the Quirimbas National Park. 

There’s been growing concern over how man’s activities are constituting grave environmental challenges, with a significant impact on climate change and biodiversity, resulting in a significant threat to the survival of animals, plants, and, ultimately, man. 

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