Lesotho’s unlikely leader beats the odds, again 

After an exceptional performance in last week’s national elections, the leader of the Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) party in Lesotho announced that he would be leading a three-party coalition government, again defying predictions. 

What predictions? 

Despite being founded only six months ago, the Revolution for Prosperity party (RFP) won 56 seats in the parliament, missing the absolute majority by only five seats – a feat not previously imagined possible. The announcement by its leader, 64 years old Sam Matekane, a wealthy diamond trader, also defied predictions that the southern African kingdom would stay politically deadlocked following last Friday’s election. 

What’s their plan? 

Matekane announced the formation of a coalition government between the RFP, the Alliance of Democrats (AD), and the Movement for Economic Change (MEC) at a press conference. A bill intended to restrict parliamentarians from changing parties during the first three years of their terms did not pass in the previous parliament. Matekane’s government has pledged to implement this reform within its first 100 days in power. 

The performance of the RFP party and its leader is even more interesting, as this is Matekane’s first time contesting in an election. “My decision to venture into politics was not only influenced by my passion for my country and countrymen, but also the need to see the country do better and be better. The rich natural resources we have as a country are not being utilised to benefit the people and I feel it is time for change”, he said before the election. 

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