Mali sets up a constitution-drafting committee

Mali’s military government has set up a committee tasked with writing a new constitution for the West African country.

Why do they need a new constitution?
This is part of efforts by the military junta to return power to a democratically elected government. The military leader, colonel Assimi Goïta will choose the members of this constitution-drafting committee, who will have to present a draft version of the text in two months.

What’s the makeup of the committee?
A president, two rapporteurs, and experts will make up the team. All political parties and civil society, including religious organizations and traditional authorities, will be consulted in the process. With this, the military wants to portray that it is trying to act quickly with respect to the planned handing over of power to an elected government.

When is the handing over?
On June 6, the junta stated that it would extend its rule for another two years before holding democratic elections in March 2024. As a result of failing to meet the deadline for holding elections by the end of February this year, the country is facing sanctions from its ECOWAS partners.
Although talks with ECOWAS are still ongoing, the regional bloc has expressed dissatisfaction with the 24-month schedule.

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