Sudan islamists protests

Sudanese Islamists renew protests against the UN

Thousands of Islamic Sudanese demonstrators are protesting against the UN.

What’s the protest about? 

The protesters expressed opposition to efforts by the UN to mediate between the country’s military junta and civilian leaders who have been at loggerheads since last year’s coup that was led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. For the second time in two weeks, thousands of Sudanese Islamists on Saturday marched on the capital, Khartoum, against what they tagged as “interference” in the country’s affairs. “Any compromise will bring this country into a real crisis and we, the youth of Sudan, do not want these parties and their agreements”, one of the demonstrators said. 

What do they want? 

A democratically elected government. “If a government is supposed to emerge, it should be the result of elections”, the demonstrators said. Expressing anger over a proposal by the Sudanese Bar Association for a transitional constitution, which would ban activities by the National Congress Party, the protesters vowed to remain on the streets to protect their country. “We will take to the streets, to the squares, every day, in every city, in every corner to protect this country, to preserve its unity and its security. No to (foreign) agents!”, one of them said. 

Meanwhile, both the military and civilian leaders have accused each other of being behind the protests. “The army does not belong to any party”, the army chief said last week while warning the Islamists against daring the military. Before that, the civilian leaders had accused the military of collusion with the Islamists. 

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