Protests in Sudan record another casualty

Protests in Sudan against the country’s military government have claimed another casualty.

What’s happening in Sudan?
Doctors say a demonstrator was killed Thursday in Sudan during a crackdown on ongoing protests against a military coup that truncated the country’s transition to a civilian administration. The demonstrator, whose identity has not been revealed, was “shot dead” by security agents in Omdurman, a western suburb of Khartoum, according to the pro-democracy doctors’ union.

How many casualties are there now?
Casualties of demonstrations against the military power in place since the coup d’état led on October 25 by the head of the army, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane, has now reached 102. Aside from the more than a hundred deaths, hundreds more protesters have been injured and many arrested.

What efforts are being made to bring calm?
On June 8, the United Nations, the African Union, and the East African regional organization Igad initiated a dialogue to try to end the country’s political impasse, but the initiative was boycotted by the key civilian groups. According to a UN spokeswoman, the second round of UN-brokered talks to address Sudan’s political crisis has been postponed indefinitely after a key civilian group defected.

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