☕️ GEJ for 2023?

☕️ GEJ for 2023?

What is Goodluck Jonathan planning for the 2023 elections?


Good morning. The U.S. infectious diseases czar Anthony Fauci laid into the U.K. over the speed of its coronavirus vaccine approval. "They just took the data from the Pfizer company and instead of scrutinizing it really, really carefully they said, ‘OK, let’s approve it. That’s it.'"

In response, British Education Secretary said that the U.K.'s approval process was so quick because "we're a much better country than" France, Belgium and the U.S."


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COVID-19. Former Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama have volunteered to take a COVID-19 vaccine live on TV to help convince the public of its safety. 
Award. The magazine has named its first ever “Kid of the Year”: 15-year-old Gitanjai Rao from Colorado. Rao is a scientist and inventor who created a device that can identify lead in drinking water. She has also tackled issues like cyberbullying and opioid addiction. 
Abia. Okezie Ikpeazu, governor of Abia state, has suspended Anthony Agbazuere, his chief of staff (CoS). In a video shared on Twitter, Agbazuere is seen spraying naira notes on a dancing Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, better known as Odumeje, controversial Onitsha-based clergyman.
Ethiopia. The number of refugees arriving into Sudan from Ethiopia’s conflict-hit Tigray region has increased from about 400 a day to more than 800. More than a month of fighting is believed to have killed thousands of people, displaced more than one million and driven some 47,000 others into Sudan.


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What's Goodluck Jonathan's gameplan for 2023?


Image Source: Grafrica

The Story
As reports increase over the possibility of him running in the 2023 general elections, former President Goodluck Jonathan has said that it is too early for such talks.

That means he's open to it, right?
Well, he has not ruled out its possibility. TheCable had reported how governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC) swooped on Jonathan two weeks ago. They had visited the ex-president at his Abuja residence in commemoration of his birthday, but also held a private meeting with him.

Was the meeting about 2023?
Issues discussed at the meeting were not made public, but an insider, according to TheCable, said “2023 permutations are taking shape”. Speaking with reporters after attending an event organised by the Commonwealth Community Choir in Abuja on Friday, Jonathan said there are still other issues to focus on ahead of the next general election. When asked if he would be joining the presidential race in 2023 he said: “It is too early to talk about that.”

Current challenges.
On the issue of insecurity in the country, Jonathan, who has been enjoying goodwill from politicians - including APC leaders - lately, said Nigeria is not the only country affected by insecurity. He added that he had his own challenges while in office, and called for support for the federal government and the security agencies to overcome the current challenges. SOURCE


Cryptocurrency worries Nigerian authorities 

Image Source: TechNext.ng

The Story
The continuous rise of cryptocurrency adoption among Nigerians, which has seen Nigeria ranked 8th in the world in transaction value, has drawn the attention of authorities.

Tell me about it.
Nigeria's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published a final ruling on cryptocurrency, stating that "the position of the Commission is that virtual crypto assets are securities unless proven otherwise."

More regulation.
Nigeria's Finance Ministry and its SEC have been collaborating on cryptocurrency regulation. A local news outlet reported that the agencies intend to regulate blockchain-related projects further. The Nigerian SEC rule subjects all cryptocurrencies to securities regulatory jurisdiction per Nigeria's Investment and Securities Act 2007.

What does the rule say?
According to the Nigerian SEC's decision, almost all individuals and entities working with cryptocurrencies require registration with the Commission. The registration rule is unambiguous: "Any person, (individual or corporate) whose activities involve any aspect of Blockchain-related and virtual digital asset services, must be registered by the Commission and as such, will be subject to the regulatory guidelines."

The Commission, however, deferred the decision as to whether a cryptocurrency is considered legal tender, such as a central bank digital currency (CBDC), to the Central Bank of Nigeria. SOURCE


India’s Agricultural Uprising


Image Source: straitstimes .com

The Story
Amidst growing concern over food security around the world, including in Nigeria where farmers have become prey to insurgency and banditry, Indian farmers have taken on their government over new policies.

What about the policies?
On September 20th, India’s Parliament passed three new bills aiming to deregulate the country’s agricultural industry and make it easier for farmers to sell directly to big institutional and retail buyers, like Walmart. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the new legislation will reform antiquated laws and remove middlemen from the agriculture trade, thereby providing farmers with more autonomy over choosing prices and making the sector more efficient. Farmers are, however, not buying it.

Government policies have long protected them from the ravages of the open market, and although the government has said it won’t drop its policy of guaranteed minimum price supports for essential crops like grain, farmers worry that support will disappear. They argue their inability to compete with financially powerful agricultural corporations — that will pay extremely low prices for essential crops — will plunge them into debt and ultimately financial ruin.

The new policies seem to give more power to the farmers. What do they want?
To protest the new rules, more than 200,000 farmers and their supporters have been occupying the streets of New Delhi for days; they’re blocking major highways into the capital city, and vowing to remain encamped 'until the laws are repealed'. Abhimanyu Kohar is the coordinator of the National Farmers Alliance, a federation of more than 180 nonpolitical farm organizations across India. He said “farmers have so much passion because they know that these three laws are like death warrants for them. They’re doing this movement for our future, for our very survival.”

Records show that he’s not being hyperbolic. A 2018 study by India’s National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development found that over 50% of the country’s farmers are in debt. Additionally, between 2018 and 2019, more than 20,000 farmers committed suicide, and there is evidence suggesting indebtedness was a major factor. “In Western countries agriculture is a source of business, but in India, agriculture is a source of livelihood", Kohar said. “In India, crops support their living", he added.

Experts opinion.
And therein lies the problem. Nearly 60% of India’s 1.3 billion people depend on farming for their livelihoods. But the farming sector is also incredibly unproductive, accounting for only about 15% of the country’s GDP. One expert says what Modi is trying to do is a tough call, but a necessary one that probably “should’ve been done 20 years ago.” The problem is that there are simply too many farmers in India. He and others have argued the country should make the transition away from farming to manufacturing, like China did.

Unfortunately, India hasn’t been able to generate the kind of manufacturing growth needed to support millions of farmers as they transition to new work. In 2020, manufacturing accounted for only about 17% of India’s GDP. Job creation was borderline weak, even before COVID-19 dealt the economy its smackdown. SOURCE



Bye-election: Three policemen feared dead as boat capsizes in Bayelsa.

Afe Babalola: 1999 constitution makes politics lucrative — we need a new one.

Naira closes week with 6.86% gain against dollar, helped by CBN’s policy interventions.

Confusion as INEC declares APC winner of Imo north bye-election.

Dangote refinery named among 20 most influential projects.

Don’t allow governors borrow N17trn from Pension funds, SERAP tells Buhari.

Spiritual warfare prevented deaths at Lekki toll plaza, says Buratai.

Domkat Bali, ex-defence minister, dies at 80.

Why I turned down Jonathan’s offers to remain in PDP –Amaechi.

Recession: Emefiele Calls for Moderate Consumption of Foreign Goods.

Insecurity: Governors to Meet Buhari This Week.

AfCFTA: Buhari issues warning as agreement takes effect January 1.

Flour Mills announces Olusanya as new MD/ CEO.

Lagos Police threaten showdown as youths plan fresh #EndSARS protest.

US removes reciprocity visa fees for Nigerian applicants.

We are ‘ara Ife’, Yoruba is an alias, says Ooni.

US university denies offering Ganduje appointment.

Space agency employing graduates of religious studies, Boroffice cries out.

Harry Akande, business mogul, dies after ‘brief illness’.

LAUTECH Teaching Hospital now UNIOSUN Teaching Hospital.

Final throw of the dice’: UK, EU to resume Brexit trade talks.

One musician from every country form Earth Orchestra to record song.

S&P Dow Jones Indices will launch cryptocurrency indexes in 2021.

Iran sends biggest ever fleet of oil tankers to Venezuela.

Saudi prince strongly criticises Israel at Bahrain summit.

Trump says lawyer Rudy Giuliani has COVID-19.


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What is the most valuable skill for a spy?

Roland Bartetzko

Why a Gaming AI Is the Best Spy | Technology Networks

As a spy for another country, you need acting skills.

You sit in a bar with some guys you are supposed to spy on, and suddenly, one of them says, “You all know that there’s a traitor in our midst!” At the same time, everyone is looking at you.

How will you react, what are you going to say? A good spy laughs it off or turns the situation around. To do that, you need to be extremely cold-blooded (which is something you can’t learn) and you have to pull off an Oscar-worthy acting performance.

Another situation is when you got busted. You are sitting in an office of your country’s counterintelligence service, probably with your hands cuffed behind your back and an agent is showing you photos they made of you when you had a conversation with a known enemy agent.

What you do, how you react, and what you say in the next seconds will decide your fate. Whether you’ll spend the next twenty years in a prison cell or go home in only a few minutes, it all depends on your acting skills. SOURCE


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