☕️ Irreplaceable Constitution?

☕️ Irreplaceable Constitution?

Nigeria's Deputy Senate President gave an insight into why...


Good morning. Do you know there is a lot of debris in space, including human waste, and is already creating hazards for spacecraft launches?

In October, an old Soviet satellite and a piece of a decommissioned Chinese rocket came within feet of each other overnight.

Seems humans are masters of creating accidents everywhere.

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Space. China has successfully landed a probe on the moon. It's the first mission by any country since the 70's to bring back lunar rocks - rocks from the moon. 
United Kingdom. The U.K. is the first western country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine, specifically Pfizer and BioNTech's vaccine, which trials have shown to be 95% effective. The vaccine will become available from next week in the country.
China. Unlike its counterparts in the U.S. and Europe, China’s factory sector grew at its highest level in a decade in November, according to a benchmark manufacturing PMI, signaling that the country’s economy is rebounding strongly from the pandemic.
YouTube. YouTube released a list of its Top 10 trending videos from the year 2020, with a monologue by Dave Chappelle landing in the #1 spot. The 27-minute clip, titled "8:46," featured Chappelle's reaction to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, and was posted to the "Netflix Is a Joke" channel in June.


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1977 Jean-Bédel Bokassa crowns himself Emperor of the Central African Empire in a lavish ceremony costing US$20 million - one third of the nation's budget.

2018 French President Emmanuel Macron drops controversial rise in fuel tax after three weeks of mass protests

2018 First successful birth resulting from uterus transplant from a deceased donor in São Paulo, Brazil.


Why we can't replace constitution - Deputy Senate President 


Image Source: The Street Journal

The Story
Nigeria's Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo Agege, on Wednesday gave an insight into why the National Assembly cannot offer a brand new constitution, saying the National Assembly lacks the power to do so.

According to him, the National Assembly has no powers to replace the current Constitution, but can only amend the same. Speaking in Abuja, Omo- Agege who urged those calling for a brand new Constitution to channel their energy towards participating actively in the ongoing amendment of the Constitution by the Ninth Assembly, said: “One of the issues you raised is the replacement of the 1999 Constitution. I am not so sure that we as a Parliament have the power to replace the Constitution".

"We can only make amendments. And it is explicit in Sections 8 and 9 of the Constitution on how we can do that and the requisite number of votes required", he added. "I say that because there are some top attorneys in this country, who for some reason, keep saying that we don’t even need any of this, that we should just bring a new Constitution. We can’t do that. What we are mandated to do by law is to look at those provisions and bring them up-to-date with global best practices, especially to the extent that it tallies with the views of the majority of Nigerians", Omo-Agege said.

What parts of the constitution are they currently amending?
From Omo-Agege's statement, the areas being considered for amendment are those bothering on the much talked about restructuring of the country. Addressing the subject, he said "most of the issues you have raised here, like zones replacing states, that’s another euphemism for going back to the regions. We will look into that if that is what the majority of our people want. You talked about the devolution of powers. The preponderance of views we have received so far is that those 68 items are very wide and need to shed some weight and move them to the Concurrent Legislative List”. SOURCE


Buhari summoned to face House of Rep

Image Source: Punch

The Story
President Muhammadu Buhari has agreed to face the House of Representatives to address the country on the recent security crises bugging the nation.

Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila disclosed this to State House Correspondents after a meeting with President Buhari in his office at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja, Wednesday evening. The House of Representatives, on Tuesday, passed a resolution inviting the President to the House to answer questions over the security situation in the country.

When will this be?
The summons on the President was a reaction to the unabated activities of terrorists and bandits in different parts of the country, especially in the north, and the killing of tens of rice farmers in Zabarmari community, Borno State, over the weekend. Although the agreed date was not disclosed, Gbajabiamila said the President would honour the summon and provide required enlightenment on security developments across the country. SOURCE


IPOB Writes National Assembly 


Image Source: Naija News

The Story
The Independent People of Biafra(IPOB) has said it sent a memorandum to the National Assembly, requesting for devolution of powers and a restructure of Nigeria into six autonomous regions.

They no longer want an independent State?
The original founder of IPOB, Emeka Emekesiri, said the decision was taken after the IPOB team made several delegations to the British government asking for assistance in restoration of an independent state of Biafra but was turned down. According to Emekesiri: “In 2018 we opened up discussion with the British government, we met them three times and the last time, they told us clearly that they want Nigeria to be one, they don’t want Nigeria to break up."

Now, what happens to their agitation for statehood?
They seem to be looking towards an alternative. "Britain has maintained its stand, it said it wants Nigeria to remain as one country. We went to the British archives and got the British government policy of 1969 and used it to draft a memorandum which we presented to Britain. In the memorandum, we accepted that Nigeria should remain one, but that the model as it is in Britain, let's be in Nigeria also,” the IPOB leader said.

What's their proposal on that?
According to the group's leader, “Britain is four nations in one, in Nigeria we want six in one and that is the South East, the South-South, the South West, the North Central, the North West and the North East, that the six geopolitical regions shall now become six nations in one Nigeria and every nation will govern itself in one Nigeria; control your resources, develop at your own pace and we pay an agreed percentage of tax to the centre."

"That is the issue of devolution of power or regional government or restructuring that we are talking about now. The politicians call it restructuring but we Biafra activists are calling it devolution of power to the regions. So the Biafra memorandum for devolution of power to regions is currently with the senate. That is where we are now and we are waiting,” he added. SOURCE


Many family businesses in Africa on the block


Image Source: Consultancy.Africa

The Story
The retention and passing of family wealth across generations have always been a relatively difficult challenge, especially in Africa, as many businesses have survived only as long as their founders.

What's the news?
Not much improvement has been seen in this respect as almost a quarter of family-owned businesses in Africa could be sold in the next three years, further worsening the probability of passing the business to the next generation. The latest Family Business Barometer by KPMG shows that the majority of those wanting to sell preferred doing so to a third party, whereas a few considered listing the business on a stock exchange.

Why are the owners selling?
The need to dispose of family-owned businesses has been accelerated by social-economic challenges brought about by the coronavirus. More than 50% of respondents sampled in the continent said they are feeling challenged in the current tough economic environment but are adapting to the new reality. At least 19% of respondents said it is business as usual, while 8% reported that their businesses had actually been able to take advantage of opportunities presented by the crisis.

Aside the coronavirus, what other factors affect these businesses?
The report by KPMG comes just a year after another survey by Deloitte and PWC revealed that about 60% of wealth in family businesses are lost in Africa due to improper structures and failures by owners to put in place succession plans. Approximately 64% of respondents reported that they had a business continuity plan in place to deal with a crisis. In both Kenya and Ghana, the majority of family businesses reported having a business continuity plan in place, whereas only 50% of respondents from Africa’s two largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa, had a plan in place. SOURCE


Nigeria records 343 new COVID-19 cases — highest since August.

Sule Lamido: Buhari has totally failed… he should seek God’s forgiveness.

Insecurity: Buhari won’t resign, says Lai.

CBN Releases Banks’ Excess CRR to Spur Economic Recovery.

Senate passes 2020 Finance Bill for first, second readings same day.

2022: Don’t Impose Successor on Ekiti, Fashola, Shettima Tell Fayemi.

Crisis looms in public service as labour fight AGF over retirement.

Police Discover Baby Factory In Ogun State, Rescue 10 Victims.

C' River Bye Election: Court Upholds Jarigbe's Nomination as PDP's Candidate.

Alieu Kosiah: Liberian ex-commander faces war crimes trial.

UN sounds ‘wake-up call’ to save millions of Yemenis from famine.

France: 76 mosques face closure, 66 migrants deported.

Singapore Becomes First Country to Approve Sales of Lab-Created Meat.

60-year old Buster Douglas wants a rematch with Mike Tyson.

5,000-year old whale skeleton found 7 miles inland in Thailand.

Uighur muslims forced to eat pork as China expands Xinjiang pig farms

Astronomers have discovered a quickly spinning and bright magnetar, the brightest ever.

Reddit disclosed it had 52 million daily average users in October, up 44% from last year.

Libra Association, the Facebook-backed cryptocurrency consortium, is rebranding as "Diem" ahead of its launch.

BlackBerry shares gained nearly 20% after announcing a deal with Amazon Web Services.

A new Visa card offers Bitcoin rewards instead of miles or cash.

Like Canada, UK introduces points-based immigration system/


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Technology Quiz


1. What is the term for text that automatically continues from one line to the next?

A. Word processing

B. Word wrapping

C. Word flowing

2. What does it mean to uncloud?

A. Organize cloud storage

B. Remove all files from the cloud

C. Print a file from the cloud

3. Which computer language is the most widely used?

A.  C#


C. Java

4. Approximately, how much data exists in the digital universe today?
A. 2.7 megabytes
B. 2.7 gigabytes
C. 2.7 zetabytes



Technology Quiz Answers

1. What is the term for text that automatically continues from one line to the next?
A. Word processing

2. What does it mean to uncloud?
B. Remove all files from the cloud

3. Which computer language is the most widely used?
C. Java


4. Approximately, how much data exists in the digital universe today?
C. 2.7 zetabytes



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