Redefining Nigeria’s Political Socialization 

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A man, they say, is a product of his environment. This is so because the environment of a man has a great influence on his life. A man, whether consciously or otherwise, internalizes the various trends in his society, and his interaction with society is strictly influenced by such trends. When a child is born, … Read more

Call Setup Success Rate

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Ever looked at your handheld and seen you have full network bars yet can barely do a dang thing with it – be it for calls or for browsing? Perhaps it gets so frustrating sometimes that you just want to grab your network service provider’s neck and squeeze it hard, right?  Well, here’s what many … Read more

Ronaldo, the Instagram King?


Premier League footballers are the highest paid in the world. The average wage of a Premier League footballer is about 3 million pounds a year, so it’s no surprise Cristiano Ronaldo makes a lot more than that. What might be surprising is how much he could earn if he took his talents strictly to the ’gram. As of this week… … Read more

The Nigerian Presidency And The Igbo’s Quest 

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The politics of the 2023 Nigerian General Elections has begun and is in full throttle. Intentions to run for various offices have been declared, supposed agreements are being broken, alignments are being adjusted, and decamping is going on, among other things. While all these are going on, one subject that has become as popular as … Read more

Muslim-Muslim Ticket: MKO Abiola Was No Tinubu 

On July 10, 2022, the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nigeria’s 2023 general elections, Bola Tinubu announced former governor of Borno state, Kashim Shettima, as his running mate on the party’s presidential ticket. As expected, the reaction to the announcement has been mixed, with supporters of the two candidates justifying … Read more


meet the peecyclers

Uh, what is peecycling? It might sound weird, but people have been nourishing crops with human urine for centuries. Why? We ingest nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, then excrete them. Plants need them. Fabien Esculier — a researcher with France’s OCAPI program, which studies the management of human nutrient excretion — told Euronews that human urine could replace synthetic fertilizers. … Read more

Oyo’s Makinde: Beyond The Image Laundering 

seyi makinde

To many observers from a distance, Oyo state’s governor Seyi Makinde is one of the governors doing well in Nigeria since 2019. The distance here includes those who are observing from outside Oyo state (seeing things about the state on social media and other platforms), and those within the state but who hardly look beyond … Read more