How to calculate your own personal inflation rate

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Inflation increased in August, the highest since September 2005, with consumer prices rising at an annual rate of 20.52%. Rising costs for housing, food, and airfares were among the biggest contributors to that key gauge of inflation. The typical Nigerian family is spending a lot more per month on goods and services than a year … Read more

Gaming can be good for you


For years, video games have been stigmatized as “bad for kids.” But a recent review of over ten years of gaming studies challenges that notion. The review, published in the journal European Psychologist, found that gaming in moderation can be good for developing brains, and doesn’t have the same downsides as TikTok, which has been linked to attention issues. … Read more

Bear and Bull markets

bear and bull market simplified

Explaining bear and bull markets What does the phrase “bear market” signify, which you’ve obviously heard a lot lately? “Bear market” has been in the news lately. But what does it mean? What distinguishes it from a Bull market? And what concerns animals in any of these? Let’s start with definitions: Bear market: Declining prices. … Read more

Health dangers of cigarette smoking you need to know.

We know you must have heard or seen on TV from childhood the popular refrain “Smokers are liable to die young” On all cigarette cartons, companies are required to write this in bold letters along with pictures of a normal lung and a smoker’s lungs. Cringe-worthy picture – that of the smoker’s lungs. But most … Read more