China’s economic growth decline in three decades


For the first time in three decades, China’s economic growth has fallen behind the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.  What are the figures?  According to the World Bank, the Asia-Pacific region’s annual growth outlook has dropped from 5% to 3.2%, mainly thanks to China’s economic struggles, as the superpower is responsible for 86% of the … Read more

Giorgia Meloni set to become Italy’s first female PM

Italy’s largest coalition party, Brothers of Italy has claimed victory in the parliamentary election, paving the way for its leader, Giorgia Meloni to be elected the next Prime Minister. 45-year-old Giorgia Meloni is expected to form Italy’s most right-wing government since world war two, making her the first-ever female to lead Europe’s third largest economy. … Read more

‘I’ve paid everything’, Shakira denies evading tax


Earlier this year, Spanish authorities announced that they would be seeking a prison sentence of eight years and two months against famous singer Shakira for allegedly evading taxes from 2014 to 2016. Shakira is daring them to go ahead.  What’s she saying?  In a recent interview, the Colombian star stated that she would be fighting … Read more

Putin threatens use of nuclear weapons


Russian President Vladimir Putin fully committed to his new role as world enemy number one on Wednesday, ordering the mobilization of Russian reservists and bringing the threat of the nuclear option to the table in the same speech. The escalation comes as Russia’s invasion loses gas in Ukraine, facing manpower shortages and territorial losses. “Russia … Read more

Protests in Iran growing deadlier 


When Mahsa Amini was arrested last week, authorities in Iran had no idea of the turmoil that was soon to rock the country.  The 22-year-old was detained by Iranian morality police last week, allegedly for failing to wear a headscarf (hijab) as required by law. Three days later, she passed away in a hospital. Authorities … Read more

President Biden: to rerun or to retire? 


President Biden gave a wide-ranging interview on Sunday for “60 Minutes,” during which he brought up some doubts about if he will run again in 2024. Why would he not run?  “Look, my intention as I said, to begin with, is that I would run again. But it’s just an intention. But is it a … Read more

A recap of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

queen Elizabeth's funeral

Monday’s funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was one of the biggest diplomatic gatherings in decades. Leaders of almost 200 countries and territories, including roughly 90 presidents and Prime Ministers, flew in to attend. Many of them did not get royal treatment, however.  How do you mean?  Japan’s Emperor and other Heads of State arrived at … Read more

Florida has no space for immigrants

Florida governor

 Florida governor Ron DeSantis has reiterated his position that there’s no space for migrants in the state, and he’s ready to exhaust the $12m budget for relocating migrants from the state.  There’s a budget for that?  Yes, there’s a provision for $12m in the state’s 2022 budget for transporting “unauthorized aliens”. On Friday, DeSantis disclosed … Read more

Don’t risk self-destruction, South Korea warns neighbour 


The government of South Korea has warned its North Korean counterpart against using its nuclear weapons, to avoid “self-destruction”.  Did North Korea threaten to use its nukes?  The tension between the two countries was aggravated last week as the North Korean parliament adopted legislation on the rules for the use of its nuclear arsenal. The … Read more

The Royal Tax Treatment

King charles iii

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has been followed by the accession of the new King Charles III, who inherited not just the throne, but significant wealth. He is even more fortunate as the taxman has nothing on him.  How do you mean?  Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III inherited the … Read more