The Kaduna state government has dismissed more than two thousand teachers from the state’s teaching service.

Why did Kaduna state dismiss teachers?
The Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board (KADSUBEB) said the dismissed teachers failed the recently conducted competency test. In a statement on Sunday, the Board’s spokesperson, Hauwa Mohammed, said the competency test was conducted for about 30,000 teachers in December 2021. The National President of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Mr. Audu Amba, was among those dismissed.

Did he also fail the test?
No, his dismissal was not due to failing the competency test. According to the statement, the NUT president and 2,191 others were dismissed for refusing to sit for the competency test. Actually, from the 27,662 teachers that sat for the competency test, 165 were sacked for poor performances.

What was the test’s pass mark?
The statement said that the teachers dismissed were those who scored below the 40% mark. According to Mohammed, those who scored 75% and above will be included in the Board’s Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programs to enhance their capacities to deliver quality teaching to pupils.

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