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Call Setup Success Rate

Ever looked at your handheld and seen you have full network bars yet can barely do a dang thing with it – be it for calls or for browsing? Perhaps it gets so frustrating sometimes that you just want to grab your network service provider’s neck and squeeze it hard, right? 

Well, here’s what many phone users do not know: The difference between Network Availability and Network Quality. 

So the thing is; your network may be available for use yet useless for use! Ouch! but that’s right.

Availability means the network services are up and running, and Quality gauges how usable these up-and-running services are. Now…

…whereas one or [many] more technical and/or human and/or environmental factors–relax, we’d let you in on what (some of these are in another edition) may be responsible for poor network availability and/or quality. Addressing such frustrations is exactly why the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) set up recommended thresholds to guide network operators on the minimum Service Level Agreement (SLA) that will keep the subscriber feeling good by getting deserved value for his/her money. These recommendations are the NCC Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and you too should perhaps know them.

So let’s dive right in with that one that makes you want to smash your mobile phone when that urgent call somehow just refuses to be made: 

Call Setup Success Rate is the rate at which a call is successfully set up, expressed as a ratio of call attempts successfully connected to call attempts made to the dialed number.

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CSSR = Successfully Connected : Total Number of Attempts.

So let’s say you dial a number and it fails to connect up on the third try; then boom, it connects on the fourth try. The CSSR would be 25% i.e Ratio of Successful Call Connections to Total Number of Call Attempts expressed as a percentage.

However, it should be noted that this is a generic formula. Behind the scenes, a lot really goes on, depending on the technology under consideration (2G, 3G, LTE, or 5G). Different works of literature define CSSR in several different ways, but this piece successfully breaks it down to a very basic, teachable, level. 

The NCC recommended threshold for CSSR is a minimum of 98%

Want to know the difference between Call Setup Success Rate (CSSR) and Call Success Rate (CSR)? 

…well, stick around.

  • Promise Beshel – Guest Writer

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