Ronaldo, the Instagram King?

Premier League footballers are the highest paid in the world. The average wage of a Premier League footballer is about 3 million pounds a year, so it’s no surprise Cristiano Ronaldo makes a lot more than that.

What might be surprising is how much he could earn if he took his talents strictly to the ’gram.


As of this week…

… Ronaldo has 477m Instagram followers, making him the most followed account on Instagram. For every sponsored post, this would allow Ronaldo to earn up to $2 million, per estimates from betting website JeffBet.

That’s not bad for a player who makes a monthly wage of $2.25m at Manchester United.

When it comes to Instagram…

… @cristiano is the GOAT. His closest football peer is, you guessed it, Lionel Messi, with 357m followers.

Talk about leading by a mile. Siu!

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