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YOU NEED TO SEE THIS! Sweden Launches New Visa for Job Seekers

Sweden has announced a new visa for job seekers. It also listed steps and processes for prospective migrants to move to Sweden even without a job offer.

With this new announcement, Sweden joins Germany and Austria among the European countries that allow foreigners to move in without jobs or offers.

The new visa by the government of Sweden allows for highly qualified people who have obtained an advanced degree to come to Sweden and look for work or start a business.

What does the VISA entail? 

With the current lack of employment opportunities in Nigeria, this visa is a great opportunity for Nigerians who do not want to migrate through education by getting a Master’s degree, as well as entrepreneurs who may not find it that easy to set up a business, as it may be in Nigeria.

The process that Germany and Austria earlier adopted and which Sweden has now adopted is an avenue to allow foreigners to come on a job seekers visa.

As the name implies, a Jobseeker’s visa is a category of visa that allows you to immigrate on the basis that you are moving to search for available jobs. Even when you haven’t gotten an offer yet, it waives you as someone who is on the job hunt.

The job seekers visa was launched in Sweden due to the huge shortage of labour. There’s a need for people with specific skills within certain professions.

What are the criteria for Eligibility?

If you are moving to Sweden without a job offer, through the job seeker’s visa, in search of a job or to explore the possibility of starting a business, these are the possible requirements:

  • You must have a valid international passport. It is advisable that the passport is not about to expire soon.
  • Be located outside Sweden.
  • Possess advanced level study qualifications (Masters Degree, Ph.D., or certification in a skilled profession that is highly in demand in Sweden.
  • Applicants must submit an authorization letter giving the Swedish Council of Higher Education (UHR) the right to contact their previous institution to verify the authenticity of the documents.
  • You must have plans to look for work or become self-employed when you get to Sweden.
  • You must have proof of funds to cover your living cost in Sweden as well as enough money to take yourself back home.
  • You must have a comprehensive health insurance package that is valid in Sweden.

What is the validity of this visa?

the Sweden Job Seeker Visa is issued for 3-9 months after which you must return to your country if you are unable to get a job in Sweden within the period.

What Documents do I need to apply for this Visa?

  • Exam certificates (where applicable)
  • University transcript
  • Bank statement with proof of funds
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance Document.
  • Letter of consent that gives UHR the right to contact your institution in order to verify your academic documents
  • You must also have the ability to pay for all fees That are required during the process.

How to apply for the Swedish Job Seeker Visa:

Please read the instructions above to make sure that you meet the requirements. Once you meet the requirements and have all the documents required, click here to apply.

Check the Swedish Government website for more info about this scheme.

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