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Finland’s PM Sanna Marin under fire for wild partying

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin has been under fire since footage of her partying began making the rounds on social media about two weeks ago. 

Is partying a crime in Finland? 

No, but the uproar isn’t just about partying. She made headlines when videos of her drinking and dancing at a private party were released. While she admitted to drinking a small amount of alcohol, she insisted that her decision-making abilities had been unimpaired, and “could have left to take care of government tasks” if necessary. Some have claimed drugs were consumed at the party. And “to clear up suspicions,” Marin took a drug test, which came back negative. 

Didn’t that satisfy her critics? 

That’s not all. Marin, 36, apologized again after a photo taken at her home of two women kissing and holding up their shirts with a “Finland” sign appeared in a TikTok video. “I think the picture is not appropriate, I apologize for it. Such a picture should not have been taken”, she said. Marin had invited friends to come to the official residence after the Ruisrock music festival on July 8.

The PM said her guests’ names had been cleared in advance to security personnel at the residence. She added that “otherwise nothing extraordinary happened”. While she has received support from members of her party and from women across the country, others have suggested that, though it is her right to party, there are more pressing issues to be dealt with instead of drinking and dancing. The real lesson here seems to be that Marin needs better friends. 

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