Liz Truss

Meet Truss, the new UK PM

Conservatives in the United Kingdom on Tuesday declared that “in Liz they Truss” as the result of the Conservative party’s leadership election was announced, making Foreign Minister Liz Truss the new Prime Minister of Britain.

Who is she? 

Born in 1975, Truss was raised in a left-wing family, with a mathematician father and a mother who was a nurse and teacher. Very outspoken, Truss often talks of attending a public high school in the city of Leeds, a school she said “let down” its students with low expectations, few opportunities, and a local council hampered by political correctness. An Oxford alumnus with a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics, Truss will need more than her bluntness and defiance of political correctness to steer Britain out of its current economic difficulties. 

What are her plans? 

Amidst rising inflation that is compounded by soaring energy costs, Truss announced that her focus will be on the economy, energy, and NHS. Recognizing the urgency of the task ahead, Truss announced her cabinet just hours after becoming Prime Minister, as she expressed confidence in Britain’s ability to move past its current challenges. “We can ride out the storm”, she said. Kwasi Kwarteng has been named Chancellor, James Cleverly is Foreign Secretary, and Suella Braverman is Home Secretary. Therese Coffey will serve as the new Health Secretary and Deputy PM. Analysts have, however, warned that a policy flip-flop in these difficult times may spell doom for Truss, who is known to often change her stance on issues. 

How do you mean? 

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In 1994, then a passionate 19-year-old Oxford student, Truss vigorously denounced what is widely called the divine right to rule enjoyed by monarchs, calling for a referendum to abolish the British monarchy. Addressing an audience of fellow Liberal Democrats, Truss said, “We do not believe that people should be born to rule.” Ironically and 28 years later, Truss on Tuesday traveled to Scotland to be anointed PM by “Queen” Elizabeth II. She has also since ditched the Liberal Democrats and is today the leader of the Conservative Party. 

Her most recent 180° policy switch came at the height of the Brexit campaign, when she opposed the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union before the 2016 referendum, only to change course and become one of Brexit’s most vocal proponents. As she takes over the reins at number 10 Downing street, Freshly Pressed wishes Truss all the best as she “rides out the storm”

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