Vigilance Saves Germany 

A dangerous coup has been stopped in Germany. 

A coup in Germany? 

That’s right. In raids conducted across Germany, Austria, and Italy, German officials arrested at least 25 individuals. A former member of parliament, a Russian national, a special forces soldier, and a self-declared prince are purportedly members of a far-right and suspected terrorist cell that was created more than a year ago.

Were they really planning a coup? 

The group, which appears to have been influenced by QAnon, sees Germany as an illegal state administered by a “deep state.” According to the prosecution, the organization intended to attack the nation’s parliament, overturn the current administration, and install Prince Heinrich XIII, a D-list aristocrat, as the next leader of the nation. Even a military wing would have been part of their new government. 
How did the authorities uncover the plan? Well, there was handwriting on the wall. The Wednesday arrests weren’t unrelated to anything else. They occurred at a time when the far-right is steadily gaining support in Germany and around Europe, notably in Italy, Sweden, and France. Now that extremism has reached a two-decade high and shows little indication of abating, Germany is attempting to control it. 

According to the authorities, there were plans in place, and bloodshed would have resulted. Evidently, they had even had weapons training. The current raids are apparently one of the largest counter-extremism operations in German history. And some are pointing out possible parallels to the US Capitol attack on January 6, 2021. 

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