German Man Gets 90 COVID Shots to Sell Vaccine Certificates

The Story
Governments have been advocating for vaccination to aide in putting the Covid-19 pandemic behind us, but many have remained averse to it. Now for those who are said to be vaccinated, the accuracy of the numbers of vaccinations is in doubt.

How do you mean?
A 60-year-old German man allegedly had himself vaccinated 90 times with various Covid-19 vaccines so he could sell forged vaccination cards with real vaccine batch numbers to people not wanting to get vaccinated themselves.

How did he do that?
Well, there’s certainly something to be said for this entrepreneurial spirit. The man, who shall remain nameless per German privacy rules, is from the eastern city of Magdeburg. He is said to have visited vaccination centers in the state of Saxony over a period of months.

How was this discovered?
Police were finally able to arrest him when he showed up at a vaccination site for the second day in a row. He wasn’t detained but he’s under investigation for unauthorized issuance of vaccination cards and document forgery. There’s no word yet on whether he’s had any adverse reaction from receiving 90 Covid vaccine shots – other than his arrest, of course.

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