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US records first monkeypox-related death

Health officials in Texas, United States have confirmed the first death of a person diagnosed with Monkeypox.

United States Department of Health Service stated on its website on Tuesday that the case, involving an adult resident of Harris County, is under investigation to determine what role monkeypox played in the death.

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The official advised people to continue to seek treatment if they have been exposed to monkeypox or have symptoms consistent with the disease, adding that they should contact their health care provider if they have a fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, and a new unexplained rash.

What are the statistics of monkeypox-related deaths so far?

The announcement is the first publicly reported death in the U.S by health authorities in the current monkeypox outbreak.

However, the monkeypox outbreak global map by the U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, shows that as of 30th August, 15 deaths have been reported across eight countries, with five in those non-endemics to the virus.

The West African nations of Nigeria and Ghana topped the list with four and three deaths respectively, followed by the Central Africa Republic and Spain with two cases each.

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