800 Nigerian doctors relocated in the last eight months, NARD

As the “Japa Syndrome” continues to gain momentum in our national conversation and more Nigerian professionals, in the medical and tech ecosystem, emigrate abroad, in search of greener pastures and better working and living conditions, the country may soon experience a full-blown brain drain.

A recent study by the Nigeria Association of Resident Doctors, NARD, shows that about two thousand medical doctors have left Nigeria in the past two years, with about eight hundred of them leaving the country for abroad, between the month of January 2022 to August 2022. This indicates that an average of 100 doctors leave the country every month.

Speaking on the possible reason for the mass emigration, the National President of NARD and Senior Registrar of the Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, Federal Medical Center, Umuhia, Abia state, Dr. Emeka Innocent Orji, revealed that the major causes of the emigration were poor remuneration and welfare, attributing it to the bad economy, which has made life difficult for everybody.

“Also, the issue of insecurity and of course, poor job satisfaction. We do not have enough equipment in the hospitals to work with. You see a patient that you can help, but because of a dearth of infrastructure and medical equipment, you are not able to help, and this leads to depression for some people.” He added.

Dr. Orji also revealed that about 4000 doctors have indicated interest to relocate.

Tech Ecosystem is not left out

The tech ecosystem is also not left out in the “Japa Syndrome” as experts in the sector are complaining of the negative impacts migration of tech guys to the US and UK is having on organizations and businesses like banks, resulting in technical problems and glitches in their online and electronic transactions. 

Not too long ago, Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Sterling Bank Plc, Abubakar Suleiman described the exit of tech talents in the country as a “great resignation”.

The economic impact of this continued migration of Nigeria’s best brain if not mitigated by the government may result in a situation of serious brain drain, a situation where the country will be left with less than or not too qualified personnel to run the important and only thriving sector of the economy aside oil and gas.

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