Nigerians freed from Poland detention camps

The Story
Thirteen Nigerians who crossed to Poland after the invasion in Ukraine and were held in detention camps have been released.

Why were they detained?
They were held on the grounds of being undocumented immigrants, after crossing into Poland while trying to escape from the horrors of the Russia-Ukraine war. While the Nigerian government offered to evacuate Nigerians trapped in the war torn country, some opted to stay, including the just released thirteen, leaving six others who are still being held.

Why are the six still being held?
The six others, one of which is reported to have claimed to be a Cameroonian, are still being held because they applied for international protection (asylum) in Poland. And according to the Nigerian Ambassador to Poland, “they can not be released until the Government of Poland takes a decision on their application or they decide to withdraw the application”.

The intervention of the Nigerian Ambassador to Poland, Major General Christian Ugwu (rtd), is said to have aided the release of the thirteen. Ugwu is reported to have promised to ensure the continued protection of the interest of Nigerians in Poland.

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