Castillo, Cast Out

Pedro Castillo, now-former President of Peru, was ousted from office last Wednesday after attempting to dissolve the country’s Congress and calling for fresh elections. 

Why did he want new elections? 

He probably made the desperate move in response to Congress’ threat to impeach him. Vice President Dina Boluarte took his position, making her Peru’s first female president. Castillo has been the subject of numerous inquiries into, among other things, whether he used his position to acquire favor or special treatment for himself, his family, and his closest supporters. He has emphasized his willingness to cooperate with any probe, while vehemently disputing every accusation. 

Violent Protests Over 20 people were hurt in clashes between protesters and police on Saturday in the city of Andahuaylas, including four police officers. Two police officers were captured by the protesters, some of whom were arrested during the protests. According to the Ombudsman’s Office of Peru, everyone who was hurt was receiving “adequate medical care in the city hospital.” In the end, the captured officers were also freed. 

What’s the protest about? 

Even though Andahuaylas is one of a handful of towns nationally where demonstrations were staged last Friday in support of Castillo, the reasons for the protests have not yet been made public. Due to his classification as a flight risk, Castillo is under a seven-day preliminary arrest and is charged with the alleged crime of rebellion. He contends that the accusations stem from a witch hunt against him and his family by factions who refused to recognize his election victory. 

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