China’s Covid-19 Crisis

As people from across the world try to move on from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, reports from China suggest that recommended precautions are still very much needed.  

What’s happening in China? 

The disease appears to be defying China’s control measures, which have been largely unpopular. Despite adopting a zero-tolerance approach to the virus, China on Thursday reported its record number of daily Covid infections, highlighting questions over the effectiveness of the Asian giant’s control measures. According to the National Health Commission (NHC), 31,444 locally transmitted cases were recorded on Wednesday, a figure that surpasses the previous peak of 29,317 recorded on April 13 during Shanghai’s months-long lockdown.

What’s causing the surge? 

The surge is reportedly being fueled by outbreaks in several cities and comes despite the authorities’ refusal to ease tight control measures. In Beijing, there were 1,648 local infections and four covid-related deaths. It is even more worrisome given the fact that it was the city’s 3rd day in a row in which more than 1000 cases were recorded. Already, there have been shutting of schools and businesses over the worsening infections rate. Despite the surge in cases, people have continued to express displeasure over the lingering restrictions, a situation worsened by their inability to access prompt medical care or secure enough food and supplies, as well as loss of work and income.

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