Chinese Province plans to ban sales of fuel-powered cars

In an effort to curb climate-changing carbon emissions, Hainan Island in the south China Sea says it will place a ban on the sales of fuel-and diesel-powered cars.

A statement from the Hainan Provincial Government said “Sales of fossil fuel-powered cars will be banned by 2030 and electric vehicles promoted with tax breaks and by expanding a charging network.” Adding that by the year 2030, the whole Province will ban sales of fueled vehicles.

The announcement is coming as China is struggling through its hottest and driest summer in decades.

What does the ban aim to achieve?

According to the Hainan Provincial authority, the “Carbon Peak Implementation Plan” which supports the banning aims to have electric vehicles account for 45% of its total vehicles in the year 2030, adding that the cities would develop zero-emissions zones.

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