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Former Australian PM under fire to resign from Parliament

Former Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison has resisted calls to resign from Parliament after a scandal trailed his secret appointment of himself into five ministerial roles.

Morrison who is now in the opposition, after losing the general election to current Prime Minister, Antony Albanese, claimed that giving himself extra roles as Minister of Health, Finance, Home Affairs, Treasury, and Industry, when he was the Prime Minister was necessary during the pandemic, adding that he would rather have people criticized him for overstepping the mark than nor taking action at all.

“I believed it was necessary to have authority, to have what were effectively emergency powers, to exercise in extreme situations that would be unforeseen, that would enable me to act in the national interest,” he said.

Who is asking for his resignation?

The news of his secretly assuming five ministerial roles while also being the Prime Minister resulted in strong criticism from the current Prime Minister, Tony Albanese, who accused him of being “evasive, defensive, passively aggressive and self-serving”.

Albanese said the former PM owes the Australian people an apology.

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