French President, Emmanuel Macron to visit Algeria

French President, Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to visit Algeria next week, in a bid to
strengthen the relationship between the two countries, 60 years after Algeria gained
Independence from France.

According to a statement from the Elysée Palace, President Macron will visit Algeria from
Thursday, 25th of August, to Saturday 27, 2022.

“The trip will contribute to deepening the bilateral relationship looking into the future…to reinforce Franco-Algerian cooperation in the face of regional challenges and to
continue the work of addressing the past” the statement said.

Why is the visit important?
The French-Algerian ties hit a low last year after Macron reportedly questioned whether
Algeria had existed as a nation before the French invasion, accusing its political-military
system of rewriting history and fermenting hatred towards France.

In response to the statement, Algeria withdrew its ambassador from France, but the two
sides appear to have mended ties since then. Macron’s trip will be his second official visit to the North African Country, which holds close business with Paris.

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