Isreal to hold 5th election in 3years

Israel dissolves parliament…

A vote for the dissolution of Israel’s parliament was held yesterday, and the country will head to the polls for the fifth time in 3 years. 

Has a date been fixed for the election? 

Yes, it has been fixed for November 1. Foreign Minister Yair Lapid now takes over as interim Prime Minister from the outgoing Naftali Bennett, who will not return in November. A former author, newspaper columnist, and TV host, Lapid played an active role in forming the outgoing coalition government –  an alliance of eight diverse political parties, united primarily by a dislike for former PM Benjamin Netanyahu. 

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What are the projections? 

According to polls, it will be a challenging run for Lapid as he faces former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a controversial figure at the center of the country’s protracted political crisis. The upcoming election, like the previous four, is expected to be another referendum on Netanyahu, who is held in cult-like reverence by his supporters and despised in equal measure by his opponents. 

How did they get to this point? 

Just over a year after it was established, Naftali Bennett’s government disintegrated due to internal strife and a wave of resignations. It is not unusual, though, as no party has ever won the 61-seat legislative majority necessary to establish a government. The Prime Minister is instead chosen from among the party leaders who can put together a majority coalition

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