Racism comment: Lady Hussey Apologizes 

Lady Susan Hussey, the godmother to Prince Williams and the former lady-in-waiting to late Queen Elizabeth II, yesterday, apologized to Ms. Fulani Ngozi, a British activist, and Chief Executive of domestic abuse charity, Sistah Space.

Why the Apology?

Lady Hussey’s apology followed an incident that took place at a reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, November 29, where she had asked Ngozi a series of questions about her background, including repeatedly asking her “where are you really from”. Ngozi described the incident as “institutional racism” in a social media post that garnered widespread attention and criticism.

In her response to the incident, lady Hussey resigned from her role as a courtier to the royal family in the House of Windsor, an honorary position she had held for nearly six decades, which the new Monarch, King Charles III had extended.

 “At this meeting filled with warmth and understanding, Lady Susan offered her sincere apologies for the comments that were made and the distress they caused to Ms. Fulani,” a joint statement on behalf of Buckingham Palace and Ms. Fulani said.

The statement also confirmed that Ms. Fulani had accepted the apology and appreciated that no malice was intended, adding that both parties now request that “they be left in peace to rebuild their lives in the wake of an immensely distressing period for them both”. 

“The royal households will continue their focus on inclusion and diversity, with an enhanced program of work which will extend knowledge and training programs, examining what can be learned from Sistah Space, and ensuring these reach all members of their communities.” The statement further added. 

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