Inibehe Effiong released from prison.

Inibehe Effiong, the Lagos-based Human Rights Lawyer and socio-political Activist sent to prison by the Chief Justice of Akwa-Ibom State has been released from prison.

Oh! That’s good news, what did he say?

Inibehe, upon his release from Ikot Ikpene prison yesterday, at about 8:00 am told the crowd of supporters and journalists, who gathered to welcome him that his 30 days of incarceration had further strengthened his resolve to keep fighting for truth and justice in Nigeria, adding that he is now brimming with fire, “fire to fight for the common people of this country and no oppressor can quench that fire”.

Mr. Effiong also used the opportunity to reiterate his innocence of the accusation of contempt of court against him by Justice Ekaette Obot. In his speech, he said:

“I never at any time pointed my hands at the Honorable Chief Judge of Akwa-Ibom. I never at any time banged the table. I never at any time shouted at the court. These accusations only came to me while I was in prison”. He also explained in detail what transpired on July 27, 2022, the day he was sent to Uyo Prison by Justice Obot.

Our Criminal Justice system is in a bad state

Inibehe while announcing that he has begun the process of facilitating the release of 17 other inmates from Uyo Custodial Center, lamented the poor administration of Criminal Justice in the country. He said the lives of innocent people, who should have no business being in detention are languishing in prison due to the bad state of the criminal justice system, calling for it to be revisited.

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