U.S. court postpones Hushpuppi’s sentencing 

The sentencing of convicted Nigerian fraudster Ramon “Hushpuppi” Abass has again been postponed. 


Reports say that the postponement was due to the counsel’s request. The United States Central District Court in California, preceded by Judge Otis Wright, has now postponed the sentencing of the convicted fraudster for the second time. The sentencing had originally been fixed for February 14 but was later postponed to July 11. 

What’s the new date? 

September 21 has been set as the new sentencing date. “At the request of counsel, the Sentencing is CONTINUED to 9/21/2022 at 1:30 PM before Judge Otis D. Wright II, as to Defendant Ramon Olorunwa Abbas,” the court announced. According to court filings from the US Department of Justice (DoJ), Hushpuppi admitted guilt in April 2021 to the multimillion-dollar fraud allegations that the US government had brought against him. 

The former internet sensation has been in detention since his arrest in Dubai and extradition to the United States in June 2020. It’s now been a year since he entered into a plea deal with the American authorities in the hopes of receiving a lesser sentence. 

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