‘We are coming for you’, NDLEA tells drug dealers 

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) last week announced the seizure of N198b worth of cocaine in Ikorodu, Lagos state. The agency announced on Tuesday that it has destroyed the illicit drugs. 

Is that the end of the case? 

No, the arrested drug offenders will face prosecution. In a statement on Tuesday regarding the destruction of the illegal drugs, NDLEA stated that 1,828 blocks of the cocaine will be “crushed,” with the remaining blocks kept for the purpose of prosecuting the arrested suspects. The suspects were also brought in, according to the NDLEA, to observe the procedure and sign a “certificate of destruction”. The agency also warned drug dealers that their losses will not be limited to confiscated drugs. 

What other loss will they suffer? 

According to the agency’s spokesperson, Femi Babafemi, the seizure and destruction of the cocaine stockpile in Ikorodu is a warning to drug cartels that their investments in the illegal drug trade will fail, and they also run the risk of losing their freedom because the current NDLEA is dedicated to apprehending, prosecuting, and securing the conviction of those involved in illegal drugs. “That is not all. We now also go after their assets acquired through with the proceeds of the criminal trade”, Babafemi said. 

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