Sonia Ekweremadu pleads with the public to come to her aid

The Story Sonia Ekweremadu, daughter of former Deputy-president of the Nigerian Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, has made a plea to members of the public to come to her aide over her kidney-related ailment.

Is nobody willing to donate to her from amongst her family members? 

The 25-year-old said her family members were willing to donate their kidneys, but she’s been advised by doctors against receiving a donation from within her family. She explained that a comprehensive medical examination had shown that her case of nephrotic syndrome was a genetic illness, which a donation from any of her family members may not address, as the doctors noted that it would likely reoccur. She made the plea while noting that her father’s continued incarceration has added to her pain. 

Has he been found to have committed a wrong? 

The details of the Nigerian senator’s travails remain elusive, and his ailing daughter refrained from speaking about the case because it is still in court. Despite being in custody since June 23, when he and his wife were arrested on arrival in London, Ekweremadu’s case was recently adjourned till October 31, 2022. “The last three years have been extremely challenging. The charges being faced by my parents in London presently are directly connected to my illness and have complicated matters for me and my family”, Sonia lamented. 

Sadly, she disclosed that her father’s health has also become a concern for the family, as he has also been diagnosed with a kidney-related ailment. “In the time that my father has been incarcerated, he has been diagnosed with acute kidney damage”, she said. 

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