Macron Faces Run-off With Le Pen In Presidential Election

The Story
French president Emmanuel Macron will face rival Marine Le Pen in the second round of France’s presidential election.

Who is Le Pen?
The 53 years old lawyer and far-right politician served as president of the National Rally from 2011 to 2021. She has been a member of the National Assembly since 2017. Le Pen is running with a promise to create a sovereign France, and be president for all French.

When is the election?
It’s in two weeks. Macron promised to unify France if reelected on 24 April. He led the first round with 28.4% of the vote, while his closest rival Le Pen received 23.4% to stay in second spot and join him in the second round. Addressing his supporters after the first round of the polls, Macron downplayed his lead, insisting that nothing is decided.

Le Pen called on those who did not vote for her and Macron now to back her in the second round. Macron did same, calling on the supporters of his defeated rivals to back him in a run-off contest against Le Pen.

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