Restoring Peace to Ukraine

Peace may soon return to Ukraine as Russian President Vladimir Putin has hinted at a possible settlement to end the war, which he said is going according to plan.

What possible settlement?

President Putin and his military commanders had expected the war, which they described as a “Special Military Operation” to last just a few weeks before Russia gains victory over Ukraine. But Ukrainian Military has so far, put up a good fight defending their country and stretching the war to its 10th month, forcing Russian troops to retreat from some of the Ukrainian regions some months back.  

President Putin, while speaking at a Press Conference in Bishkek Kyrgystan said that the settlement process as a whole would probably be difficult and would take some time, he said: “but one way or another, all participants in this process will have to agree with the realities that are taking shape on the ground.”

Putin also said the war was going according to plan despite evidence showing that Russian troops were facing defeat and losing some of the regions it captured from Ukraine in the early days of the war. 

“Everything is stable, there are no questions or problems there,” Putin said, adding that information was being given to the Public transparently.

Putin takes responsibility for Russia’s attack on Ukrainian civilian Infrastructure 

President Putin also took responsibility for Russia’s recent attack on Ukrainian civilian Infrastructure, vowing that his military would continue to batter Ukraine’s energy grid despite public outcry against the systematic attacks that have thrown millions of Ukrainians into darkness and cold as winter season sets in.

Putin said Ukrainian forces first started the trend of initiating attacks on civilian infrastructure, referring to a blast on a key bridge between the Russian Mainland and the annexed Crimean Peninsula. 

“Yes we do that,” Putin said. “But who started it? There’s a lot of noise about our strikes on the energy infrastructure of a neighboring country. This will not interfere with our combat missions” he added. 

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