Ukraine “alive and kicking,” Zelensky tells US Congress 

Ukrainian President Vlodmyr Zelensky has told United States lawmakers that his country would not surrender to Russia’s invasion on his first trip outside of Ukraine since the start of the war in February. 

What did he tell them? 

Zelensky addressed a joint session of US Congress yesterday, where he solicited support for more weapons, vowing that Ukraine would “stand against all odds” in resisting Russia. 

He told congress that US military aid to Ukraine was not a charity but a future security investment, calling on the lawmakers to help Ukrainians defend “our values, values, and independence.”

Zelensky said he hopes that “regardless of changes in the Congress,” he believes there would be bipartisan support for Ukraine. 

What’s the outcome of the visit? 

Despite concerns raised by US allies that the war is having a toll on the global economy, food, and energy supplies, US president Joe Biden expressed his unwavering solidarity of support for Ukraine, vowing to stick by Ukraine “for as long as it takes.”

President Biden pledged a new $ 2 billion aid package and promised another $ 45 billion for Ukraine. He told reporters at a joint press conference with Zelensky that he was not all worried about holding an international coalition together. 

Biden’s support and aid packages for Ukraine will likely face serious scrutiny as the Republicans prepare to take leadership of the House of Representatives in January. 

So far, the US has committed about $50 billion of humanitarian, financial, and security assistance to Ukraine, the highest it has given to any country. 

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