World Leaders Condemn War Crime In Ukraine

The Story
As Russian forces retreat from areas around Kyiv, there have been reports of war crimes as bodies of civilian casualties are seen strewn across streets.

What’s the latest on the war?
At least 20 bodies of civilians are reported to have been found by reporters in the town of Bucha, outside Kyiv. As Russia mounts airstrikes on Ukraine’s southern port city of Odesa, world leaders have condemned Russia’s actions, especially relating to the indiscriminate killing of civilians.

How about their Peace Talks?
Talks are still on between representatives of the two sides of the conflict. Following accusations of war crime, Moscow has demanded an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council on Monday 4 April. Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s UNSC deputy representative, said the request is being made “in light of the blatant provocation of Ukrainian radicals”.

What provocation?
While reports paint gory details of destruction in the Ukrainian town of Bucha – where bodies are said to be lying in the streets, some with their hands tied behind their backs – Russia’s defense ministry says its forces did not harm any civilians in Bucha, and that these reports are “another production of the Kyiv regime for the Western media”.

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