Nigerians freed from Poland detention camps

The StoryThirteen Nigerians who crossed to Poland after the invasion in Ukraine and were held in detention camps have been released. Why were they detained?They were held on the grounds of being undocumented immigrants, after crossing into Poland while trying to escape from the horrors of the Russia-Ukraine war. While the Nigerian government offered to

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The Help Ukraine Seeks From Africa

The Story Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February and the subsequent war there, African countries have, largely, refused to take sides. Now, Ukraine is seeking their support. What’s Ukraine asking for? President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has asked to speak to the African Union, obviously to seek their support against Russia. This was made known by

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How Russia Intends to Confiscate Companies Leaving the Country

The Story The effect of various sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine has been relatively limited as the conflict has lingered. Now it appears the sanctions are beginning to take a toll. How? After the U.S. Treasury blocked Russia’s access to dollars held in American banks on Monday, Russia‚Äôs finance ministry said Wednesday

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