Plane crash avoided after mid-air fire

An aircraft that belongs to Overland Airways with 33 passengers on board caught fire mid-air on Wednesday night.

Where did that happen?
The aircraft was said to have departed Ilorin for Lagos Wednesday evening. The passengers, luckily, escaped death when the plane, which flew from the Ilorin International Airport in Kwara State, made an emergency landing at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport in Lagos.

How did they manage to avoid a crash?
The crew tried to maneuver the plane, with authorities at the airport activating all emergency procedures after the Pilot-in-Command of the ATR-42 aircraft declared a May Day, which in aviation means an emergency situation. “This occurred in the approach phase of flight and the aircraft landed very safely as the Crew skillfully implemented their standard procedures for such abnormal situations”, the airline said in a statement.

What caused the fire?
The airline, in its statement, said the aircraft experienced an unusual high turbine temperature on one of its engines. “Overland Airways wishes to inform the general public that its flight OF1188 from Ilorin to Lagos experienced an unusual high turbine temperature on one of its engines today, Wednesday, June 15, 2022″, around 7:50 pm.

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